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Closing date for prints is April 6th and Online 7th April, Entries online open from 1st January, all information is on our website:
Entries taken here.....

Rules can be found here....


The new NWPA Print Battle

John Smith, Rhyl PS Secratary has'volunteered' to organise this year's NWPA Battle and I would like to invite your club to take part.. 

This year the ‘Battle’ is slightly different in that it is to be a ‘print only’ competition.

Clubs are invited to enter the competition with just 8 prints each mounted on a 50x40 board. 

Clubs with less than 20 members can have two pieces of work by one member.

Clubs with more than 20, then it is one print per member. 

The competition is taking place at Craig y Don, Llandudno on Saturday 6th April commencing at 2pm and the judge is David Butler MFIAP, ARPS, EPSA from the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union 

I know that some clubs are non-competitive but if so, please will you consider entering - even if it is just this once!

Then, importantly, maybe have a club outing and come along on the day, meet the members of the other clubs taking part and enjoy seeing the entries and hearing the judge’s comments. 

Whilst I will need a list of the titles and a photograph of each print for showing to the audience, the actual prints can be brought in on the day so there is no postage or expense involved. 

It really is an enjoyable social occasion meeting up with like-minded photographers from all over North Wales. 

Initially, can you please let me know if your club is willing or not to take part so that I can get an idea of numbers?

 Contact John Smith by clicking here



The PAGB Handbook gives advice concerning communications with judges/lecturers and a summary is given below:

A telephoned/e-mailed request is acceptable, but a written confirmation should be sent within 3 weeks. This confirmation should be used to establish anticipated expenses. No fee is payable for judging. This should also establish what equipment a lecturer might require.

A reminder should be sent no less than 2 weeks prior to the visit, which should include clear directions, postcode, parking information & emergency telephone number.

If the judge is to receive work beforehand, ensure that suitable arrangements are made for delivery.

The club’s programme should show the relevant qualifications/distinctions.

The judge/lecturer is your guest and should be accorded good hospitality. If they are travelling some distance, a meal beforehand and/or overnight accommodation should be offered. A drink before starting is welcome.

On the night:
Ensure that someone welcomes the visitor who will probably arrive half-an-hour before the event starts. Ensure that all equipment is ready. Try to start on time, keeping notices to a minimum. The visitor may have a long drive home afterwards.

These will have been agreed beforehand and must be re-imbursed on the night. Cash is often preferred.


Judging and lecturing take a lot of preparation and standing talking all evening is hard work.


Awards for Photographic Merit in Audio Visual adjudication taking place at Wilmslow on the 18th and 19th May with the possibility of an Advisory Day or evening session.

If you wish to apply for the award – then you need to contact Phil Chadwick, the APM Awards Officer as soon as possible.


 2019 Welsh Salon of Photography Now Open for Entries

The 2019 Welsh Salon is now open to receive entries with a closing date of 3 March.
The Salon is open to any member of a WPF or NWPA affiliated club and
there are numerous prizes and awards.
offer. (A list of all the awards from last year’s salon can be seen here).

You can find the new conditions of entry on the website: www.thewpf.co.uk.
Please read them carefully. Please note, there are new file sizes for digital entries and for digital versions of your prints.

The selection dates are the 23rd and 24th March, 2019 at Talbot Green
Community Centre and the selectors are
Vince Penticost, Mike Cullis and Paul Keene.

Detail of the exhibition dates and venue will follow in due course.

Sharon Prenton Jones was the only North Wales award winner last year -
Can we do better this year?


2019 Bridgend 5 to 8 Competition

The 2019 5 to 8 Competition for digital Photo Harmony audio visuals is open
for entries until 18th February 2019.

Entries can be made online or by post. This year’s judges are:
Judging takes place on Monday 18th March at Bridgend’s usual venue and all are welcome.

Full details, rules and entry forms are available on Bridgend CC website


 Pixels 2019  - A date for your diaries…..
The next Pixels competition will take place on Saturday 2nd November, 2019.
Further details in due course


 2019 Bristol Salon of Photography – Closing Date Imminent

Closing date – 26 January 2019.

The UK’s Largest International Projected Digital Image Exhibition. Four Projected Image Sections (Open,
Monochrome, Photo Travel & Nature. Approximately 300 Medals
and Ribbons to be won + FIAP Blue Badge for Best Entrant.

Low entry Fees. Generous discounts for club/group entries.
A4 Full Colour Printed Catalogue sent to each entrant.

Entries on line www.bristolphoto.org.uk


 North and East Midlans Photographic Society

Come and join us in
A Fantastic Photographic Weekend
Sat 16th and Sun 17th February 2019
In a 4 star hotel at
New Bath Hotel and Spa
New Bath Road, Matlock Bath, Matlock, Derbyshire


Sat 16th and Sun 17th February 2019

Exciting and unusual lectures which includes very big prints
Guest speakers:
Howard Tate MA, ARPS, AFIAP,
Jane Lines LRPS, MPAGB
Everybody is welcome
Pre-booked entranceonly
The weekend includes some social time to meet your friends or make new ones with the wonderful photographic hobby.

Sat 16th and Sun 17th February 2019

If you are interested please email: shirley@thedavis.co.uk




The PAGB’s Masters of Print Exhibition will be shown:

4-28 February at the Old Schoolhouse, Oldbury (Smethwick P.S)
4-17 March at Wilkinson Cameras, 4 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4DS
Official Opening – 8 March at 7.00pm

All 60 prints will be on view (including Linda Bell’s)


12/13 October at Theatr Colwyn & 7-20 October Colwyn Bay




Sunday 13 October - Welsh International Salon showing at Craig-y-Don
Saturday 16 November – PDI Challenge at Craig-y-Don


40’s weekend - 13/14 April





As you know the Awards are becoming more and more popular and the Credit category for the November 2019 Adjudication is almost full.

In order to try to keep up with demand and, to ensure that an entrant does not have to wait more than a year to have their application assessed, I am writing to all the Credit entrants for the November 2019 Adjudication to enquire whether they would be interested in their application being brought forward to a “closed” Adjudication, possibly in September 2019, if they are not planning to attend the event in Watford.

I have given a deadline of 15 February for their response and, as soon as the numbers are known, a decision will be made whether or not to run the “closed” event.

Yours sincerely, Daphne Hanson DPAGB APAGB, PAGB Awards Secretary

Reply to:Email Daphne - click here



The PAGB’s GB Cups were judged recently and North Wales results are: Dwyfor bravely entered the Open section and finished =60 out of a total of 68 clubs, having scored 150.

In the Open section Lynne Morris won the Best Humour award for her “My Life is Pants”

The Small Clubs section was won by Mold with 120 points and Conwy finished =13 with 105 points out of an entry of 56 clubs.

Andy Polakowski was awarded the Tillman Kleinhams Choice with “Me and my Dog”

Jan Wilson-Chalon’s “Winston” won the Best Like George award

Sharon Prenton Jones won Best Medieval award with “Arya Stark” and also the best Graham Curry award with “Merlin”

Many congratulations to all involved, but why did only three NWPA clubs enter?



Ian O’Neill has spent many, many, many hours building this for us.

You will find it under the same address: www.nwpa.co.uk and www.cffgc.co.uk

You will find all sorts of information and links to other sites. Most importantly, you will find lots of photographs. After all, this is what we are about. Ian is compiling galleries of pictures from members who have gained distinctions. Please have a look at these and send your images to Ian if you are able to add to these and give the year of your success.

Click here to email Ian



A timely reminder that the online entry will be able to be used from March 1st, and we hope for an excellent year!

There will be six sections. Two will be prints, mounted on 50cmX40cm card ONLY. One section will be open colour, the other open mono. The best of these will be able to be displayed in Venue Cymru during July.

The other four sections will be PDI's: open colour, open mono, scapes and nature, the rules of which can be seen on the website.

Four images can be entered for each section, so 24 images can be entered for just £12.

There are awards for best images and for each of the judges’ choices for each section, there will be a ribbon; also there will be Honourable Mentions.

We believe that there might be young members who would like to enter. We would love to welcome you and wish you well in your quest for an acceptance. Whilst we haven't got a specific section just for juniors, please let us know if you were successful, then we can publicise it.

The online entry will continue until April 5 and the prints can be taken to the NWPA battle the following day, or dropped off at my house in Rhos on Sea by arrangement before that date. Tel no 01492 525919.

All that remains is to wish everyone good luck.

Jean Chadwick. Exhibition Secretary



If you are planning to visit the Photography Show don’t forget that you can get a discount on the tickets by quoting PAGBTPS19




Hopefully, you have all had a good look at our newly designed website.
Ian has been compiling galleries of images from members who have
gained distinctions.   Please look at those and send your images to Ian if you are
able to add to these  -  CPAGB,  DPAGB,  LRPS,  ARPS
and give the year of your achievement.   

Send to Ian    Click here

If sending your images to Ian can resize them to 1000px on the long side, please.



Last year the NWPA Executive Committee approved the proposal to honour members for exceptional and/or long service.   Since then our Secretary, Terry Mills has worked hard to co-ordinate the nominations and at the Executive Meeting on Sunday 3rd March the first presentations were made by our President, Andy Polakowski, to:

Frank Barber,  AE Dave Jones,  Christine Langford and  Emyr Roberts

And on Monday evening our vice President, Ian O’Neill, visited the Deudraeth club to make a presentation to Morris Jones. Blaenau club was visited on Wednesday to award Tom Dodd his HonNWPA

All these members are now entitled to put Hon.NWPA after their names.


NWPA entry for the
PAGB Interfederation Competition 2019

Its that time when we need to be thinking about our entry for the PAGB Inter-FederationCompetition 2019 to be judged in June

The Judges are:

  • David Gibbins ARPS APAGB EFIAP/b BPE5*
  • Judith Parry DPAGB Hon PAGB AFIAP

I would like as many images as we can get for the selectors, both prints and PDI’s to select from – see attached
for categories and specific information and guidance

The selectors will be meeting in Mayto select our images so can you please make sure I receive your images
by 30th April

Many of you will be entering the NWPA battle at Craig y Don so any prints and PDIs willbe collected then, however if you have additional prints you can send them to me directly at :

LL46 2YG

Can you put your email address on the back of your print so that I can contact you for collection and to chase you for the PDI image, if necessary

You can email any PDI’s to me at

PRINT ENTRIES: Please don’t forget that I need PDIs of ALL your print images for upload to the PAGB site

NATURE ENTRIES: If you are entering the nature section can you please write in capitals “NATURE” on the back top left hand side of the mount. In doing so you are confirming that the image meets the criteria and please bear in mind that some salons are now asking to see the RAW file

Can you add “NATURE” to the title of any PDI image (I will delete before uploading the image for judging), again confirming that they meet the criteria

AWARDS: If, during the year you have gained further qualifications can you please email me so that I can update the PAGB website and so that your awards are correctly added to your name in the catalogue and memory stick

RECORDED LECTURE SERVICE: Once the competition has been judged CDs of the selected images will be available for clubs to borrow to show at club meetings

Thank you for your support and Good Luck!

NWPA Competition Secretary

PAGB Interfederation Competition 2019


Clarification for our entry. Please note in particular the Nature definition


An Image by a Photographer, or an Image so similar as to be nearly identical, may only be entered into one of the Categories, and is not eligible if it has been entered previously to any Inter- Federation Competition.


Each Print may be of any size, but must be mounted on lightweight board(s) of size 500x400mm. The tolerance on mount size is +/-2mm, and the mount must not exceed 4mm thickness. At the Chairman’s discretion, Prints outside the specification may be judged but cannot win an Award or be selected for the Exhibition. The mount must not carry any fixings or other material likely to damage Prints when stacked.


Image files must be in RGB mode (even for monochrome images) and in the sRGB colour space. Files must be saved in JPEG format: saving at not less than quality 10 (80%) is sufficient. The maximum image dimensions are 1600 pixels horizontal by 1200 pixels vertical. Images file with larger pixel dimensions than these limits, and any Image file larger than 2MB, will not upload.


A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon Revised February 2018 under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the colour category; such a work requires colour reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.


Note that images already meeting the separate FIAP Definition of Nature will satisfy this less restrictive definition. Nature photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archaeology, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify its honest presentation.

The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality while maintaining high technical quality. Scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible. Photographs of human created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement. Processing of the captured image, by cropping, exposure adjustment, colour correction, noise minimisation, dodging/burning, HDR, focus stacking and sharpening, is allowed. Cloning of image defects and minor distractions, including overlapping elements, are permitted when these do not distort the truth of the photographic statement. Images entered as Nature can have landscape, geologic formations, weather phenomena, and extant organisms as the primary subject matter. This includes images taken with the subjects in controlled conditions, such as zoos, game farms, botanical gardens, aquariums and any enclosure where the subjects are totally dependent on man for food. Access to biological subjects may be restricted. By entering a PAGB event, Photographers warrant that they have followed relevant codes of practices and hold any necessary licences. Guidance Guidance on implementation and interpretation of the PAGB Definition of Nature is available separately, and may be read in conjunction with this Definition. Wildlife Images entered in Wildlife sections are further defined as one or more extant zoological or botanical organisms free and unrestrained in a natural or adopted habitat. Landscapes, geologic formations, photographs of zoo or game farm animals, or of any extant zoological or botanical species taken under controlled conditions are not eligible in Wildlife sections. Wildlife is not limited to animals, birds and insects. Marine subjects and botanical subjects (including fungi and algae) taken in the wild are suitable wildlife subjects, as are carcasses of extant species. Wildlife images may be entered in Nature sections.



Go to our website   www.nwpa.co.uk     www.cffgc.co.uk
and you will find that the online entry portal is now open

There will be six sections. Two will be prints, mounted on 50cmX40cm card ONLY.
One section will be open colour, the other open mono.
The best of these will be able to be displayed in Venue Cymru during July.

The other four sections will be PDI's: open colour, open mono,  scapes and nature,
the rules of which can be seen on the website.   

Four images can be entered for each section, so 24 images can be entered for just £12.

There are awards for best images and for each of the judges’ choices for each section,
there will be a ribbon; also there will be Honourable Mentions.

Prints can be delivered to Craig-y-Don, Llandudno on the afternoon
of the Print Battle – 6th April
The online entry will continue until April 7 , or dropped off at my house
in Rhos on Sea  by arrangement before that date.     Tel no 01492 525919.

All that remains is to wish everyone good luck.
Jean Chadwick.                Exhibition Secretary



PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit, this coming Saturday and Sunday

The adjudication for these will take place at Coleg Llandrillo, Llandudno Road, Rhos on Sea, LL28 4HZ in the Penrhyn Sports Hall. The doors will open at 9.30 for a 10.00 start each day and will close at 4.30-4.45. Tickets will be available on the door at £6 per day.
There will be markers from the entrance and there is plenty of parking. Hot Drinks will be available; please bring along a picnic lunch.
On Saturday you will see entries for the CPAGB award, then on Sunday entries for the DPAGB & MPAGB awards, around 800 images each day. If you are thinking of going for one of these awards in the future, this is a great opportunity to see what the standards are like. This adjudication only comes to North Wales every seven years, so don’t miss this opportunity to meet other like minded photographers, and see some fantastic prints and images.



Owing to a glitch in the on-line entry system for our Exhibition, there is to be an extension to the deadline. The system will re-open for Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April ONLY.

This applies to PDI entries.

If you want to enter prints, you will have to contact Jean Chadwick (chadwick 284@btinternet.com) and to be prepared to take them to her in Rhos-on-Sea.



The new print only Battle was held at Craig-y-Don last Saturday and was judged by David Butler, MFIAP, EFIAP, EPSA, ARPS, Hon.LCPU.

Fifteen clubs took part, each entering 8 prints.

The winning club was Blaenau Ffestiniog with 142 points, followed by Conwy with 137 and they are both invited to represent the NWPA at the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship in October.

The winning print was “Time” by Sheila McCabe of Beaumaris & MB.

Thanks go now to John Smith who masterminded the event, to Pete Carlyon on the projector, Sheila Lewis & her team at Llandudno for the refreshments and George Frost who took the pictures And, of course, to all those who took part.



Two more presentations have been made of our new Award. Our President has been to Hawarden to make presentations of framed Certificates to Paul Temple, who has been their Secretary for 40 years and to David Kay, who has been their Treasurer for 40 years.

Congratulations to both of them


Most clubs are now holding their Annual General Meetings

Please remember to send details of your new Committee appointments

To our Secretary, Terry Mills Email click here

To our Webmaster, Ian O’Neill Email click here

And to me to ensure that I send the Newsletter to the correct people



Hurry now to get your entries in for this year’s Exhibition. The closing date is Saturday 6th April to delivery your prints to the Battle at Craig-y-Don, Llandudno And 7th April is the closing date for the online entries Full details on the website.



The NWPA would like to invite a few members along to the selection day in the Holy Trinity Church Hall, Penrhyndeudraeth. LL48 6LG. on Saturday 11th May at 10.30 for the selection of the images for the next Sony Inter-Federation competition to be held in June.

We would welcome a couple of members to come along and watch how the selection process is carried out.

We would especially welcome any member who would be interested in taking over the role of the NWPA Competition S ecretary as Amanda Sims will be standing down later this year.

Is any one interested in coming along to watch the process, if so please send Amanda an email amanda.simsva@googlemail.com for further information Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.



If you have prints to offer for the Selection for our entry to the Inter-Federation Exhibition/Competition, these could be delivered To Amanda at the Battle at Craig-y-Don on 6th April





Sharon Prenton Jones

Best Creative PDI: Hounds of the Baskervilles

Best Creative Print: Merlin

WPF Ribbons: Mother & Child, Afriel, Bewitching Hour, Lady of the Lake, City clicker, Femme Fatale Plus 3 other acceptances

Sian Davies

WPF ribbon: Horse & Rider

plus 6 other acceptances                                                  

Andy Polakowski

Selector’s choice: One Day Old plus another acceptance

Ken Lester

Best People Picture: A Real Shower

WPF Ribbon: Playing Ball Plus another acceptance

John & Linda Bell, Jean & Phil Chadwick, David Evans, Emyr Roberts and Amanda Sims also had acceptances Congratulations to all of them.






27/28 APRIL

Awards Officer’s Report

First of all I would like to thank NWPA club members for giving up their time over the weekend. This morning I had an email from the PAGB to say how efficient and smooth-running and friendly the event was. The members involved are as follows in no order of merit as you all did the Federation proud :-

Organising & Reception Secretary: Myself & Jean Chadwick
Reception Desk: Amanda Sims & Christine Langford
Print Room: Ian & Iona O’Neill, Emyr Roberts, Tom Dodd, John Bell
Print Runners: Charles Meadows, Andy Polakowski, Steve Sims, Kevin Hirst
Refreshment team: Linda Bell, Janet Davies, Jan Wilson-Chalon, Jean Chadwick
Photographer: Terry Mills
Men in Black (Prints up & Down): Dave E Jones (Albert) & Tony Davies
Print marker: day 1 Gwladys Roberts & John Bell day 2
NWPA President: Mr Andy Polakowski, who gave a tour of north Wales
beauty spots verbally

There were a number of entrants from north Wales, some were successful & some not so, I am only able to tell the members who were successful

Ken Lester CPAGB Deeside CC

Steve Sims CPAGB Blaenau Ffestiniog

Peter Jepson DPAGB Blaenau Ffestiniog

Lynne Morris MPAGB Eryri PG also Wigan 10

For those not successful please accept my heartfelt sympathy & good luck in the future

Kind regards & THANKS again to all
Philip Chadwick DPAGB, AWPF, BPE5, AFIAP.
Awards Officer NWPA



Altogether, over the two days, we saw 520 PDIs and handled and saw 1155 prints. We saw many red squirrels, mountain hares (arctic & brown), pelicans, harvest mice, kingfishers & water rails Also people pictures and landscapes, but there were a great many natural history images. We should take inspiration from some of the excellent work we saw.

We witnessed the first MPAGB (Master) in North Wales. This is the highest award in amateur photography in the UK. Many Congratulations to Lynne Morris.

It demonstrated again that we have a good team who work very well and efficiently together. It was really great to meet so many friendly photographers, some of whom had travelled great distances to attend and many went home smiling happily.

It was very tiring. It was very successful.

Well done to Phil & Jean for organising and co-ordinating it all - a credit to our Federation


The selection took place on Saturday 4th May for this year’s NWPA Exhibition.
The three Selectors were:  

Diana Magor, EFIAP/b, MPSA, CPAGB, LRPS, BPE3,
Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA, EFIAP/b, CPAGB     and
Christine Widdall, MPAGB, EFIAP, FBPE
Awards in each section were as follows:

Monochrome Prints:   
Best Monochrome Print        Making a Living, Kolkata          Ian O’Neill
Selectors’ Choices: 
Brian Magor                         Nepali Shepherd                     Tom Dodd
Diana Magor                        Tulips                                    Linda Bell
Christine Widdall                  Pearls                                  Sharon Prenton Jones
Hon. Mentions:
That Smile                           Ian O’Neill
The Race is on                     Linda Bell
Back Street Cook, Bundi        Ian O’Neill
Breithorn                             Tom Dodd


Colour Print
Best Colour Print:                 Child with Candle                Robert Prenton Jones
Brian Magor’s Choice:          Harvest Thanksgiving            Robert Prenton Jones
Diana magor’s Choice:         Merlin                                 Sharon Prenton Jones
Chris Widdall’s Choice:        Guinevere                            Sharon Prenton Jones
Hon. Mentions:
Preparing Offering                 Jean Chadwick
A Real Shower                      Ken Lester


Nature PDIs
Best Nature Image               Great Orme Kestrel                      Tony Davies
Brian Magor’s Choice:          Reaching Out                               Matt Morrow
Diana Magor’s Choice:        Lion Tail Macaque                          John Bell
Chris Widdall’s Choice:       Capybaras Play Fighting                  Andy Polakowski
Hon Mentions: 
Female Four Spotted Chaser          Linda bell
Orange Tipped Butterflies Mating   Linda Bell
Hunting Red Kite                         Ken Lester


Scapes  PDIs
Best Digital Landscape:      Lonely Tree at Llyn Padarn           AE Dave Jones
Brian Magor’s Choice:        Caernarfon Castle                        Andy Polakowski
Diana Magor’s Choice:       Sheep Fold                                  Nigel Beidas
Chris Widdall’s Choice        The Storm has Passed                  Ken Lester
Hon. Mentions:
Gateshead Millennium Bridge        Richard Hainsworth
Descending at Sunset                  Matt Morrow



Colour  PDIs
Best colour PDI:               Playing Ball                               Ken Lester
Brian Magor’s Choice:     Chatting in the Rain                     Ken Lester
Diana Magor’s Choice:    So I said..                                   AE Dave Jones
Chris Widdall’s Choice:   Life on the Line                            Lynne Morris
Hon. Mentions:
Grass Track Racers                     Matt Morrow
Hounds of the Morrigan               Sharon Prenton Jones
Night Watchman                        Robert Prenton Jones
Framed                                     Sharon Prenton Jones


Mono PDIs
Best Mono PDI:               My Secret Diary                         Sharon Prenton Jones
Brian Magor’s Choice:     Girls are Back in Town                Ken Lester
Diana Magor’s Choice     Graham                                     Amanda Sims
Chris Widdall’s Choice    Memories                                     Sharon Prenton Jones
Hon Mentions:
Skullduggery                                Sharon Prenton Jones
Insomnia                                     Timothy Barham
The Rose                                      Richard Hainsworth


Best Landscape Print:                  Blaen y Cae                                 Iona O’Neill

Best Creative Image:                 Escaping Reality                          Lynne Morris

Beatta Brookes Trophy:  (Highest overall score of accepted images):

1st          Sharon Prenton Jones        293
2nd         Ken Lester                          278
3rd          Mat Morrow                        272






The results from the recent judging of the above event can be viewed by clicking on the links below. These are for the four sections where 30 images were entered in each section and the top 15 scores were recorded.

Open Mono Prints
Open Colour Prints

Open PDIs

Nature PDIs

Sadly we didn’t do as well as we did last year though there was one super result - Andy Polakowski was awarded FIRST place in the Nature section with his super image titled "One Day Old" So Congratulations to him

Thank you to everyone who sent in images for the selection committee

We have taken onboard comments that photographers aren’t willing to let the selectors have prints because they still have their end of year club battles etc. so the NWPA Executive are thinking of changing the date of the Exhibition so that hopefully more images will be available and maybe our standing will improve again

Only time will tell.......

Amanda Sims

Competition Secretary


Most clubs have now held their Annual General Meetings

Please remember to send details of your new Committee appointments
to our Secretary, Terry Mills     (imagininterry@yahoo.com)
to our Webmaster, Ian O’Neill   (ian@tenn.co.uk)
and to me to ensure that I send the Newsletter to the correct people







The PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship took place on Saturday 13 July at Warwick University Arts Centre with CC Blaenau Ffestiniog and Mold CC representing North Wales.

In their first visit for many years Blaenau Ffestiniog did exceptionally well coming equal 4th in the Plate with a score of 103 (out of a possible 120) not far behind winners Chorley PS (107). Their best scoring images during the day were Tom Dodd's "Winter Shopping" with a maximum of 15, 14 for Peter Jepson's "The Rain Master" and 13s for Tom's "Llyn Idwal a Pen yr Ole Wen", Peter's "In Where It Hurts" and Rory Trappe's "Castell y Gwynt". This is an excellent result for a relatively small club of 17 members with images from 7 of them actually being used in this prestigious national championship.

In their 8th visit in recent years Mold came 20th with 98, their second highest ever score. Their best performing images during the day were Linda Bell's "PS I Love You" with 15 and Rich Hainsworth's "Torment" and "Sparrowhawk on Wren", John Bell's "The Plasterer" and Andy Polakowski's "Protecting the Young" all with 13s. Where Mold do excel however is in raffles with Pamela Davies-Ratcliffe, Janet Davies and Kevin Hirst all winning prizes (2 for Pam!) on this occasion. A great day all round.

Report from Andy Polakowski



Our Exhibition is currently on show at Venue Cymru in Llandudno until 22nd August. All the accepted images are displayed on our website and all entrants should have received an electronic file from David Flitcroft



Distinction Celebration Evening on Saturday 28th September

For Distinctions achieved between 1st September 2018 and 1st September 2019
Date: Saturday, 28th September 2019
Venue: Llandudno Junction Community Club, Victoria Drive, Llandudno Junction, LL31 9PG
Telephone: 01492 581314
Start time: 6.30pm

This is a follow up communication about the North Wales Photographic Association (NWPA) Distinction Celebration Evening that will be held on 28th September 2019. We hope that this will be a fun-filled opportunity for photographers all over North Wales to catch up, get fed, have a few drinks and generally enjoy themselves. We would love it if you could join us on the night and have outlined below some details of the evening.

Who Can Attend?

By virtue of being a member of a Photographic Club in North Wales you are a member of the NWPA. This celebratory evening is a free event for anyone who is a member of any photographic club that comes under the umbrella of the NWPA. In addition, each member can bring one guest free of charge. The evening is, therefore, open to all NWPA members, not just people celebrating distinctions. The idea is to celebrate distinction achievements, showcase images and have a social evening including a free buffet.

Can I bring more than one guest if I pay for them?
Unfortunately not. We have had to restrict guests to only one per member to allow sufficient space for the numbers that we expect to attend on the evening.

I’m confused about the difference between an Award and a Distinction: what do you mean by this event being a “Distinction” celebration evening?
The evening is designed to celebrate the successes of NWPA members who have attained new letters after their name in the last year. These are different to getting an award for an image: technically, individual images get awards whereas individual photographers get distinctions (typically based on a body of photographic work – either as a panel or a number of individual images).

Are you celebrating all distinctions or just those attained in the last year?
Just in the last year (technically between 1st September 2018 and 1st September 2019). We had some debate about extending the time backward so that extra people might be included, but there would always be a cut off period beyond which some people would have just missed being included by a short margin. It seemed fairer to focus the celebration on a single year, thereby leaving it possible to make this an annual event.

If I have achieved a Distinction will I have to stand in front of everyone and talk about my images?
No. While we do hope to have lots of images for people to see during the evening, we will not ask people to present their work to the room. One of the main reasons for this would be the time involved in doing this. Instead, we are inviting anyone who has had a distinction based on Printed Images (e.g. AWPF, PAGB, IFP) to bring their prints along beforehand. There will be print stands available for you to display your images. If the photographer would like to stand near their prints to chat about the images then that would be great but there is no requirement to do so.

Where a distinction has been gained on the basis of a combination of DPIs and Prints (e.g. FIAP, BPE, PSA), we will invite the photographer to bring along up to 20 DPI images of their work. These will be presented in a slideshow and introduced by Andy Polakowski (NWPA Chairman) during the evening. The showing of projected images will start at 8.30 and will probably take about an hour. Andy will introduce each photographer, name their club and the distinctions they achieved. Again, while we are hoping that all photographers will chose to allow us to show a sample of their images, there is no requirement to do so: you can just show up and enjoy the evening like anyone else. Instructions on how to submit your DPI images will be sent when we know you are attending.

I’d like to attend – what do I need to do?
As the venue require numbers for the buffet, you will need to email Sharon Prenton Jones Email Sharon click here by 10th September 2019 with your name and the name of the guest you would like to attend with you. You will then be sent confirmation of your place. Also, if you would like your Distinction/s exhibited, please supply details of the Distinction success (also by 10th September at the latest). You will then be sent a confirmation of your place and information on how to bring along your Prints and Projected Images.


2019 PAGB Inter Fed TouringExhibition

he L&CPU are hosting the 2019 PAGB Inter Federation touring exhibition at the Leigh Spinners Mill in Leigh which is not too far away

The exhibition runs until the 3rd September 2019
The exhibition is open for public viewing from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm every day.
The exhibition is located on the Second floor of the Mill (which can also be reached by lift.)
The Mill also has an excellent café as well as other attractions.

If anyone is thinking of visiting on a Saturday, it’s worth making a day out of your visit, not only to photograph the steam engines but also to visit Astley Green Colliery, a few miles away on the East Lancashire Road.
This museum boasts the only surviving pit head gear but two very large compound steam engines as well as lots of interesting stuff in the yard.
Take a look at: https://lancashireminingmuseum.org



The Gwynfa club in South Wales has again invited North Wales clubs to enter their Pixels competition. Only four images are required. Go to their website to find all the information you need.




For those members who have achieved the required criteria to apply for a Distinction next year the Admissions Timetable is available on the website thepagb.org.uk/fiap/fiap-distinctions

The Criteria can also be downloaded from the website.




The Recorded Lectures are an excellent way to fill an evening and there are currently a great many to choose from.

Go to the website: thepagb.org.uk
Click on the Services link and go down to Recorded Lectures.
In here you will find the link to all the lectures but, before you can order one, you will need to ascertain that your club is registered and login.
If your club does not appear in the very long list, go down to the end where you will be able to register.
This registration is important, as it will also enable your club to enter PAGB competitions.


Masters of Print

The PAGB’s masters of print is now launched and full details can be found in the latest e-news.
Prints should arrive by 25th October or be delivered to the Print Championship in Blackburn on 27th October.
The Exhibition will open on 7 December and run until 4 January in Birmingham.

To be able to enter this, you will need to register as an individual on the PAGB’s website under the Photographic Federation & Club Management System.



This competition for all Welsh clubs, including North Wales, is now open and will close on 13th October.
All details on the website: gwynfa.org.uk You only need four images



Exhibition currently on show at the Deiniol Shopping Centre until 14th October Can be seen on Saturdays 10.00 – 16.00



23 / 24 NOVEMBER 2019
Llandudno Bay Hotel LL30 1BE
Details on our website: nwpa.co.uk


PDI  CHALLENGE  -  16th November 2019

Now open for entries on-line – see Entry Requirements previously circulated.
Don’t forget to send me a copy of your Entry Form




Sunday 13th October at Craig-y-Don  at  2.00

See attached poster for full details.


This competition for all Welsh clubs, including North Wales, is now open
and will close on 13th October.
All details on the  website   gwynfa.org.uk

You only need four images



PAGB’s  Masters of print

Closing date for on-line entries  18th October
Prints to arrive by 25th October or delivered to the Print Championship
See the website:   thepagb.org.uk   for full details
North Wales members have had acceptances in the past and should again!



Last Saturday evening saw a good gathering of members and guests for this
very enjoyable and social evening. 
18 members featured, who had gained a total of 30 Distinctions from 8 different bodies
in the 12 months from 1 Sept. Last year to 31 August this year.
The relevant Bodies were:   
British Photographic Exhibitions / Federation International de l’Art Photographique /
Institute of Amateur Cinematographers / Irish Photographic Federation / Photographic Alliance of Great Britain / Photographic Society of America / Royal Photographic Society / Welsh Photographic Federation

There was also a presentation  of our new Service Award,
the Hon.NWPA to Margaret Salisbury.


2019 AWPF Distinctions
The Associateship of the Welsh Photographic Federation assessments were held on Sunday 3 November at Talbot Green, South Wales. There were 21 assessments in total, 20 Print and 1 PDI, resulting in 12 new AWPF awards being made.
 Congratulations to the successful North Wales applicants:
Pammy Sheldon - Mold Camera Club & the Eryri Photo Group
Iona O’Neill - Clwb Camera Blaenau Ffestiniog & the Eryri Photo Group

Pixels 2019 Results
Pixels 2019, the 15th running of the competition, took place at Talbot Green Community
Centre on Saturday 2 November and was a very well attended and enjoyable competition. It was a high scoring affair and a particularly good day for RPC who, with 79 points from a possible 80, won by one point on the very last picture of the competition. They finished one point ahead of Mold CC on 78 with Gwent PS third on 75 points. Three more clubs finished tied for 4th place, Gwynfa CC, Rhondda CC and Cyrmu Mono.

The Pixels 2019 judge was Michael Krier ARPS AFIAP MA (phot.) who kept the audience entertained with his inciteful critique and humourous comments . He made the job of judging 156 images look easy and his entertaining approach meant that time flew. Michael selected Memories by Sharon Prenton-Jones of ISO as Best Monochrome Photograph and The Plasterer by John Bell of Mold Camera Club as Best Colour Photograph.

The following are the 10 NWPA clubs' scores for their 4 images and overall positions:
2nd 78 points - Mold
7th= 73 points - Caernarfon
12th= 72 points - Dyffryn Ogwen
12th= 72 points - Rhyl
18th= 71 points - Blaenau Ffestiniog
22nd= 70 points - Conwy
22nd= 70 points - Deeside 
26th= 69 points - Dwyfor
26th= 69 points - Ruthin
38th 65 points - Deudraeth
Gwynfa Camera Club would like to thank everyone who attended the competition (over 100 people) and all 39 clubs that entered.

The Print Championship was held on Sunday 27th October.   The NWPA was represented
by Blaenau Ffestiniog (scored 132 in Round 1)  and Conwy (scored 126 in round 1)
In the Plate Competition in the afternoon both clubs scored 63 point, finishing =20 out of 29.
The overall winners in the Final were Arden PG

Saturday 23rd November at the Llandudno Bay Hotel   LL30 1BE
Tickets still available for Saturday  -  award winning impages & post processing tips.
See attached poster/nwps.co.uk
Sunday’s workshop is sold out.

Tea/coffee available   -   bring your own lunch




The AGM was held last Sunday 1st December and the following appointments were made:


President - Andy Polakowski

Vice President - Ian O’Neill

Immediate Past President - AE Dave Jones

Secretary - Terry Mills

Treasurer - Iona O’Neill

Post Holders:

PAGB Delegate - Tony Davies

Competition Secretary - Peter Jepson

Awards Officer - Phil Chadwick

Judge/Lecturers Organiser - Phil Chadwick

Exhibition Organiser - Conwy CC

Website Editor - Ian O’Neill

Print Battle organiser - John Smith

PDI Challenge Organiser - Christine Langford

Newsletter Editor - Christine Langford

Andy Polakowski
John Bell
Linda bell
Phil Chadwick
Sharon Prenton Jones
Sue Clark
Ian O'Neill


Matt Morrow of Mold gained his CPAGB in the recent PAGB Adjudication of Awards for Photographic Merit

Sharon Prenton Jones had a print accepted for the PAGB’s Master of Print Eexhibition
Which will open this coming Saturday 7th December in Birmingham
Congratulations to both of them


Please let me know if you want any changes to the categories for next year’s Challenge.

It has been suggested that the Rivers/Lakes category be re-titled to Water to cover more items and try and keep to just one word category


Will all clubs please note that Hywel Watkin has asked to be removed from the Judges list and Aneurin Phillips has asked to be deleted from the Lecturers list.

Also clubs should be reminded that our listed Judges and Lecturers should stick to the approved rates (i.e. mileage up to .45p per mile) or they will need to pay a fee to still be included in the PAGB Handbook